Posted by: dutchimport | January 2, 2007

best of 2006…so far

So bored I have started my pre-award season Top 10 of 2006:

1departed.png Hard to beat this one!

2notes.jpg Best acting so far

3truth.jpg Scary, but so important

4little-miss.png I’ll see anything with Toni Collette

5matador.jpg Unexpectably funny

6v.jpg Was this 2005/2006…borderline?

7lucky.jpg Really funny movie!

8da-vinci-code.png I thought it was good

9casino.jpg Nice new start of the Bond series. Think the next one will be better

10200px-the_up_series_dvd.jpg Been watching all of the “Up” series lately, and is a very interesting time capsule

Still to see: Volver, Little Children, Blood Diamond, Dreamgirls, The Queen, The Last King of Scottland, Half Nelson, Letters From Iwo Jima/ Flags of Our Fathers, and Babel



  1. “V for Vendetta” definitely reigns at the top of this year’s favorite picks for me. I feel like it’s safe to call it 2006 since it appears that it only played one minor film festival in Dec. 2005 before opening up everywhere else in the spring. Anyway, seems to have slipped everyone else’s radar, but I was totally blown away by it.

  2. Went to see Casino Royale because I’m such a Bond addict, and I have to agree with you on that one. Not so much on the Code though. I read the book because of all the hype, and this was one of the many instances where the film adaptation failed miserably. What a waste of money on the dvd.

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