Posted by: dutchimport | January 4, 2007

Little Children

I saw “Little Children” last night, and it sparked some conversation between Fishering and me. Like “Notes on a Scandal”, “Far from Heaven”, “Little Children” deals with adultery, and some other disturbing themes. Yes, some of the characters in these movies are despicable characters, but besides that, they can go through emotions you might understand. Last night I was affected most when a psycho, former child molester went through a difficult moment. That does not make me approve of these characters actions, but I can sympatric with some of his feelings, pain, see where it comes from.

The same with Cate Blanchett’s character in “Notes on a Scandal”. Little hints were giving throughout the movie that explained her behaviors, as despicable that behavior was. I saw an interview with Cate on Charlie Rose last week, and she went in detail about her acting, and especially when you have to portray characters so far from whom you are yourself. She said you have to find the emotion, and then connect with that emotion, not the actual characters state. She also said you find out more about a character by reading in the script or play the comments from the other characters about you, so you can see how you are perceived by the others. That’s how I was trained to understand and work on character building.

Anyway, all of this makes me miss acting so much! Right now with the recovery of the surgery, I don’t see me be able to be active again soon in searching for gigs, taking classes, or auditioning. It’s so hard in this town just to act, even in theatre, but once I’m able to use my knee better, I’ll start looking for theatre gigs, so I can just act, because that’s what I need to do, act. I’m an actor.


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