Posted by: dutchimport | January 10, 2007

WeHo Dog Friendly?

I just moved from Beverly Hills to WeHo, and I thought that it would be great for Sierra, because you always see so many dogs around. At my old place there were 3 specific dogs on my street with whom she played very well, and it was great for her to get her everlasting energy out. I miss those dogs.

Fishering already told me during the days I couldn’t walk her because of my knee, that in our new neighborhood people are not so eager to let their dogs play. Even worse, I now experiencing too that people actually cross the street to avoid other people (or just us with Sierra) with dogs. Last night on my evening stroll with Sierra, I ran into this guy who just moved from New York, and one of the first things he said while we let our dogs sniff each other, was that he was glad I didn’t cross the street to move away. It turns out he has the same experience. Not just people with dogs, but people walking alone rather cross the street then to walk by people with dogs. It turned out that Sierra found a perfect new friend to play with, and for the first time I was able to let her off the leash and let her run and play with her new friend.

Seems like people in WeHo are a little afraid of dogs or letting thier dogs interact with other dogs. I hope I will find more friendly people with dogs to prove me wrong.



  1. I rarely get that in Atlanta with my dog, Puck. Although he’s big – 75lbs (35 Kilos ; -) – he’s just very friendly and couldn’t summon a menacing look if he had to. He’s so friendly, in fact, when people ask if he is friendly I reply with “are you kidding? He’ll be your bitch.”

  2. Sorry you’ve had a few bad experiences in Weho, but as one of the dog walkers who crosses the street when I see another coming, I wanted to chime in. My too small dogs generally get very loud and yappy when we come across another dog on our walks. Sometimes, if it’s a small dog, they’re ok, but most of the time they go ballistic. I cross to keep from upsetting the other dogs and to keep from disturbing the entire neighborhood.

  3. Thank you for your comment.My dog is not always friendly to other dogs, but they are animals, and my dogs has become best friends with dogs in my old neighborhood with whom she first got into fights with. I just want my dog to play to get the energy out of her system.

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