Posted by: dutchimport | January 16, 2007

The Results

I enjoyed last night’s show, I really did. No bullshit introductions (okay, just a couple), nice funny speeches, lots of surprises in the Television catergories, not so much in Film. Well, with one exception…Babel. I tried to see as much movies as I could, and really wanted to see Babel from the moment I saw the trailer, but I didn’t get to it. I will watch it before the Oscar’s. I really wanted The Departed to win. Please let the Academy Awards also pick him, cause Clint already has enough awards.
I won’t mention on fashion, cause I don’t care, although I must say that Phillip Thomas Seymour, and Clint Eastwood need to grow up, and dress appropiate for these events. And I won’t even go into what Vanessa Williams possibably could have been thinking.
After a total awesome 5th season of 24 (I never watched 24 before last season), I thought that show deserved to win, as well as Kiefer. I don’t like house or that Laurie guy…he did have a funny speech though.
I really like Forest as an actor, I’m dying to see the movie, he has an awesome impressive career, but sorry, I felt he was just begging for a standing ovation or something when he got up there to accept his award. All these people who act surprised when over the last 2 months have won already every award out there, are just not believable. Jennifer Hudson was emotional, but didn’t act like it’s so much of a surprise, just as Helen Mirren didn’t do so. Okay Dame Mirren totally deserved to win for Elizabeth I (just as Jeremy Irons)! But I just do not get the hype over The Queen! Helen is good, but I though Judy Dench was better in Notes on a Scandal. And the best screenplay? It starts to upset me! Nothing in that “made for TV” movie can be seen as real (except for the death of Princess Diana), but it’s just all made up, and we don’t know if the Queen acted that way or anyone else for that matter. I have an issue with that, because it is a real events, lives of real people who are still alive (well, most of them), and this scripts is just a falsification of what really could have gone on at Baltmore Estate.

That’s all I have to mention about the Golden Globes. Oh, wait, how can I forget?! Jamie Foxx! Doesn’t has he have friends or family that can grab him by his ankles, and bring him back down to earth, cause his ego is just to puke over! After his Oscar for “Ray” he is acting like the biggest player, pimp, arrogant, self loving ashwhole in Hollywood! Who asked him to introduce his own movie? In his introduction to “Dreamgirls” he even mentioned something about the amazing, or mind blowing something cast, of which he is part of! It’s so taky having someone introduce their own movie! Meryl (LOVE HER!) didn’t introduce The Devil Wears Prada, Martin Scorsese didn’t go up to introduce his masterpiece, The Departed. And the way he walked on stage, acting like some rapper/hip hop/something dude with lots of hand gestures and “Yo’s”. Please can we stop giving this guy parts, and let him just dissapear from film/TV/music!

Can’t wait for the SAG Awards and the Oscar nominations!



  1. I agree, Jamie Foxx is too much, he acted like he owns the stage. Enough already! Did you notice that he says “Hi” to all his Hommies(Will,Jada,Jay-Z only?) I mean c’mon, why is he trying to distinguish among the community???
    Merly Streep, Jennifer Hudson, Emily Blunt, Ellen Pompeo, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet Katherine Heigl, Evangeline Lily are Gorgeous, especially Cate(simple and sweet). And why Jennifer Love Hewitt and Donald “Comb-over” Trump were being invited??? 😛

  2. Oh, Dutch, you’re breaking my heart re: House/Hugh Laurie. I’m getting all verklempt. I’m probably over-reacting; have been such a fan of his for so many years now that it’s gratifying to see this level of success for him in the US. Oh well, I guess we’ll always have Toni Collette to bond over. 🙂 (But I hope you realize that Hugh’s going to kick Keifer’s ass at the SAG awards, too!)

    I think Jamie Foxx can be an interesting actor at times, but yeah, I’m not fond of his persona. (Not to mention he released the worst album of all time last year. Ugh! It’s unlistenable!) And I really hate it when actors freak out and cry when they get awards–he really turned on the waterworks when he won for Ray and it was super disturbing to watch. I nearly felt that way with Forrest Whitaker. I mean, look, you’re nominated. Theoretically you’ve got a 1 in 5 chance to win. Have SOMETHING prepared to say. For crying out loud, I’m sure even Bill Paxton had a list of ideas he wanted to get across and he’s one of the worst actors of all time. (“Titanic”, anyone?)

    I think I liked “The Queen” more than you. I really liked the approach that the screenwriter took, because it’s fascinating to think how insanely public the Royal Family is and yet no one, NO ONE, knows a damn thing about them on a personal level. (Except when tapes leak out about Charles wanting to be reincarnated as a tampon or whatever that weird fantasy was all about…) From that aspect, I thought Mirren’s work was so credible because she’s got only film footage of the Queen waving distantly at her subjects and a photo from the 5 pound note to work from.

    Ben Stiller was ridiculously unfunny last night. Then again, despite such a funny cast (Owen Wilson! Steve Coogan! Ricky Gervais! Dick Van Dyke!) I thought “Night at the Museum” was really poor.

    I haven’t seen “Notes on a Scandal” yet but the New Yorker was recently hyping its praise, so I’ll have to make that effort before Oscar time. Same with Babel—just haven’t had the opportunity yet.

    Anyway, ramble on. I may have to give “24” another shot as long as you stop slagging off on lovely Hugh! 🙂

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