Posted by: dutchimport | January 17, 2007

Oh, the Smell of Winter!

Last night around 10 PM I took Sierra out for her evening walk, and as soon as I got outside it the fresh cold air smelled like good old winter. You know, that smell of when it just snowed, and the cold air is mixed with some wood burning smells from fire places? So great! I know it’s all over the news in almost every country, but no, not freezing in LA, the city. The surrounding areas, like the mountains, Ventura County, Orange County etc, yeah, they have it bad.
Me…I’m just enjoying the smell of Winter! To top it all of, Fishering was preparing split pea soup last night, so the house smelled like “winter” soup! I would love to have some rain, or better yet, snow! Maybe next month or so, we’ll take Sierra and to the mountians, a 50 mintues drive, to play in the snow for an hour or so, just like last year! I love it!


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