Posted by: dutchimport | January 23, 2007

Oscar Nominations

Pretty much a done deal, I would say. I haven’t seen “Half Nelson” yet, but I think Ryan is a terrific actor, so I’m happy he got the nomination. They had to nominate Leo for one part, and yes, I liked his performance in “Blood Diamond” more then in “The Departed”, but I think he had a better shot of winning for “The Departed”. But everyone knows that the Oscar will go to Forest Whitaker.
My favorites for Best Actress do not stand a chance. I loved Penelope in “Volver”, and Judi Dench in “Notes on a Scandal”, but we all know Helen Mirren will win for “The Queen”. I love Helen, but did not like “The Queen”. Helen was good, but for me not Oscar worthy (hey, this is just my opinion). Of course Meryl Streep is the best, but this brings me to the point of what is considered leading and supporting. Anne Hathaway had the lead, Meryl’s part was a supporting part, scene stealing of course, but supporting.
Haven’t seen “Babel” yet, so can’t say about those two actresses nominated. Cate Blanchett rocked in “Notes…”, and is my favorite. The Academy loves young actresses, but I don’t feel Abigail should be in this list. And again…where is Vera Farmiga for “The Departed”?! But come on…Jennifer Hudson will walk away with the statue.
I liked “Dreamgirls”, and I got the Soundtrack. I loved “Listen”, and understand the nomination. Not so much for the other two songs. I hope “I Need to Wake Up” wins.
Haven’t seen “Babel” and “Letters from Iwo Jima” yet, but although I liked “Little Miss Sunshine”, I didn’t think “Wow, here’s a Best Movie of the Year!”. I think my view of “The Queen” is well known now (made for TV movie, not a real view into the events following Lady Di’s death, all guesses and fabrication). “The Departed should win, and hopefully will win.
Poor Martin Scorsese. He deserves to win, to win and not just because of his previuos achievements, but really for “The Departed”. But I’m afraid that with Clint, “Babel”, “The Queen”, and “United 93” as his competitors, he will have a hard time, cause they are all critcis favorites. I hope he gets it though.

Oh, can you believe that “Click” got an Oscar nomination??? They can now promote that Adam Sandler movie as a “Oscar Nominated Movie”! What’s wrong with people?!


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