Posted by: dutchimport | January 25, 2007

Smokin’ Aces

I went to a screening of “Smokin’ Aces” last night, and I can’t reccommend it. First hour wasn’t that bad. I like meaningless shooting and lots of bloodyness, and they had an awesome cast, but sorry Joe Carnaghan, I loved “Narc”, but with this one you totally missed the boat in my opinion. The ending was flatout rediculous, so left feeling nothing about the whole thing. Got a nice free t-shirt though:)!
Reading this article about Jackie Earle Haley’s Oscar Nomination this morning made me happy. So appreciative of his nomination after struggling for so long.



  1. I disagree. I saw this one back in December at a press screening. I thought it was really comic-booky and a lot of fun. Yes, over the top, but I think that was done intentionally; I would almost say it’s kinda like a “romp”…if people still used that word. Don’t you like a romp, J?

  2. Interesting, comic-booky? I can see that’s what they might have wanted to be, but I think it took itself a little bit to seriouss. I did think it was fun at some points, but the ending totally spoiled it for me. I think it could have be more intentionally over the top, instead of a bit to seriouss over the top. If I think what you mean by “romp”, than yes, I like a romp, M!

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