Posted by: dutchimport | February 6, 2007

Traffic 405

Friday afternoon two construction cranes fell on the 405 Freeway, close to where I work. They had the close North and South bound lanes for a couple of hours. I though how lucky I am not having to go on the 405 to get home. WRONG! Because of the clsoing of lanes, and the alert to stay away from the 405, all service streets were packed and even reccommended not to take, including Sunset (my normally 30 minute ride home), Sepulveda, San Vicente and Wilshire, my alternate route home.
For me to go home, I turn left on Sunset, driving over the 405. I couldn’t even turn left (east), so I had to go into the opposite direction of where I live, and go west on Sunset. Got to Bundy, amde it to San Vicente by using side streets, cause Bundy was packed. Made it finally to Doheny by San Vicente, Wilshire, side streets through Beverly Hills (which were all packed too). East of Doheny I normally zigzag through several small streets to make it over to La Cienega and Fountain. All those little side streets were packed and bumper to bumper! When I finally made it to Fountain and could see my building, 2 hours had passed since I left work!


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