Posted by: dutchimport | February 12, 2007

Life after Harry Potter

I’m just in a posting mood today! Wanted to post these pictures last week, but got really busy at work.
Seems like Daniel Radcliffe if setting himself up for a post Harry Potter acting career. I think it’s a good choice!




  1. It feels kind of dirty looking at provacative photos of Daniel Ratcliffe.

    Do you guys have HBO? Are you watching “Extras?” It is hilarious. Daniel Ratcliffe guest stars on one episode as “himself” but a version of himself that is a complete horn dog on set. He tries to sleep with all of the female characters. It is funny, yet uncomfortable, to watch.

  2. Who knew that Daniel had all that underneath his shirt?!

    And I’ve seen that episode of “Extras.” It is hilarious!

  3. so he’s… Harry down-there Potter now?

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