Posted by: dutchimport | February 16, 2007

A Break after the Storm

The last week has been a emotional roller coaster, and I’ve been very negative about lots of things happening. I was placed in an unfair situation, but yesterday it hopefully came to an end, and most likely I will continue my job the way it has been for the past 3 months.
it really was a horrible week, lots of stress, negativity, emotions, tears, struggling with decisions, being misunderstood, being irretable, and just a wreck. Poor Fishering!

Things have changed. I hvae new found faith in my acting career, found a Management company willing to represent me, have stability with work again, and no major plans for the weekend!
Today it’s expected to be in the 80s, and I leave work at 3 PM, so I’m planning on taking Sierra to go hiking at Runyon. It will clear my mind, and be a good work out for my knee, and my head!



  1. Great shot. Glad things are getting better for you! And big ditto to the no major weekend plans. Hope you get Monday off as well – for President’s Day.

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