Posted by: dutchimport | February 20, 2007

Oscar Countdown

It’s coming up: Sunday the 25th it’s Oscar night!
This year more then any other year I feel it’s a done deal, and I don’t expect any surprises in the main acting catergories, although I do think that Best Supporting Actor is the most open competition. Eddie Murphy has the best chance I think, but I can’t rule out any of the other nominees (Jackie Earle Haley has the best chance on beating him, I think).
I am going to pick up “Babel” at the video store today, since it’s released today. On Saturday I’ll probably see “Last King of Scotland”, and then the only major performance I haven’t seen is Peter O’Toole in “Venus”. I do think that Peter O’Toole is the only Best Actor nominee who has a small chance of upsetting Forest Whitaker. The Academy loves acting veterans, and he has an incredible record of 8 nominations for Best Actor and no win. Maybe that’s why he got nominated, and the Academy is alos known for giving Oscars for a body of work instead of the years specific performance (Denzel for “Training Day” anyone?). I still think it will be an easy win for Helen Mirren (boy, she is on a roll the last 2 years! Just started watching “Prime Suspect” last night, and “Elizabeth I” was a master piece!), Forest Whitaker, and Jennifer Hudson. Best Picture and Best Director could still be a toss: I think “The Queen” will get Best Picture, and Martin Scorsese Best Director (he has tough competition though with Clint and Paul Greengrass, the last one just won the British Academy Award).
Here’s what I peronally would like to see:
Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (“Blood Diamond”), but would also be happy with Ryan Gosling for “Half Nelson”…as long as it’s NOT Will Smith!
Best Actress: Judy Dench (“Notes on a Scandal”), would be okay with Helen or Penelope as well
Best Supporting Actor: Dijmon Hounsou (“Blood Diamond”), but all were really good, even Eddie Murphy, I hate to admit. I think “Norbit” killed his chance for the Oscar
Best Supporting Actress: Cate Blanchett (“Notes on a Scandal”), but Jennifer will do
Best Documentary: “Inconvenience Truth”, the only one I saw
Best Song: “I Need to Wake Up”, although I really like “Listen”
Best Original Screenplay: “Little Miss Sunshine”
Best Adapted Screenplay: “The Departed”
Best Foreign Film: “The Lives of Others”: haven’t seen it yet, and haven’t seen the other nominees, but can’t wait to see “The Live of Others”
Best Director: Martin Scorsese!
Best Picture: The Departed!

Now I think about it, it could be a night of surprises, except for Helen, Forest and Jennifer (and most likely Eddie).



  1. This year’s Oscars will be especially interesting. There are several movies that I think deserve to win and quite a few ground-breaking documentaries too. One of them is the film “Jesus Camp” by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, which features what an organization called “Kids In Ministry International” does. Basically they recruit children and make them “talk to God.” The provocative nature of the film’s contents have prompted outrage from non-evangelical Christians and secular people, who suggest that Kids In Ministry International founder and director Becky Fischer employs brainwashing and child abuse to achieve her ministry’s goals. We recently got an exclusive interview with Pastor Becky Fischer if you and you readers are as intrigued as I was, please check this link: “Oscar-Nominated Jesus Camp’s Leading Lady Speaks Out”

  2. I just saw “Jesus Camp” the other night. Agree, it was fantastic if not terribly frightening in its implications. Between that and “An Inconvenient Truth” the documentary films are a tough category. I have to think that they’ll go with the higher profile and give Al Gore’s people the Oscar.

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