Posted by: dutchimport | February 22, 2007

Enough of Anna Nicole?

The ruling of what to do with Anna Nicole Smith’s body came in 30 minutes ago or so, when Judge Larry Seidlin in my opinion just shifted the decision maker to the legar guardian of the 5 month old baby. Now that laywer has to make the biggest decision in the history of Entertainment news, and the decision the entire country, and maybe some parts of the world are waiting for.
Yeah, that’s right. this totally deserves the media attention it’s getting, cause we’re at a moment in time where there is a lack of major news developments. Everything else going on is either old news, or just not as important as where Anna Nicole will be burried, or who might be the father of her young infant. Last I heard, there are 4 possibilities of who the father can be.
Other news can wait. You know, you gotta put things in perspective. Anna Nicole was the Monroe of the 90s, the Lady Di of America, and no one saw the dead of this icon coming. She was a role model for many, a charming personality, who always had so much style and grace. May she rest in peace, wherever that may be.
After this tragedy has gone away we can focus on the other minor topics, like the genocide in Darfur, a war in Iraq that might be spreading to Iran, the race for the White House, our Climate Meltdown, you know all that stuff that can wait.


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