Posted by: dutchimport | February 27, 2007

No more

Last night was the first night I did not watch “24”. I’m done with that show. It seems that “Studio 60…” is now off the air (or did it move to a different night?), which now made my Monday night less clustered with all these shows to watch. The only one that’s left is “Heroes”. And what a great episode it was last night! I love the Claire! She has the best character, and I think she’s a great actress.
So now with two shows eliminated, it frees up my nights to work out more, watch more DVD’s or programs like Frontline which make you feel really depressed about how America is letting everything just happen what the government is done and has been doing for years now: lying, manipulating, killing, discriminating, and who knows what else.
Let’s see how many more wars they can start for the next government to clean up. There are many options: Iran, Afghanistan (Taliban is back), North Korea. What’s really sad to keep on hearing is that we can’t leave Iraq until we’ve won, cause we can’t have America look bad. Wasn’t this war about the Iraqi people instead of America winning? What is considered a win? What is the end goal? How do we meassure if we won or not? A Democracy in a country that doesn’t seem to want one? All insurgents dead? No building left standing in Bagdad? Tony Blair is calling his troops back. Maybe a good moment for the US to do the same? Oh, no wait…someone is sending 21,000 more troops into the war.
No more.



  1. Me likey Claire too! She’s the reason I watch– well for her and for Peter and his brother…. so hot! But heck, I’d even do Claire’s dad!

    But about 24— HOW can you give up on that show??? No way dude— no effing way.

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