Posted by: dutchimport | March 1, 2007

Sun after the rain

I thought I would write a quick little update. Last week was a emotional and stressful week, but after the a couple of weeks (months almost) of being in a slump (is that a word), I feel I’m on my way back up. I was going through a mid-life crisis in my early 30s and was wondering what to do with my life. I’m now back on track and positive about my acting. I signed with a Manager, so now have both an Agent, and a Manager looking out for me.
The situation at my day job is stable now, so the only thing still in bad shape is my financial shit, but hey, what else is new. I’m at least trying not to let it get me down. Just taking it day by day.
I’m back at working out too, so that is a good sress reliever. I joined a gym again, and I can slowly start building back the mussles in my calf and thigh of my right leg, cause there ain’t nothing left after the surgery. I have 3 more Physical Therapy sessions left, and hope to be back on track in June. For now it just feels good to be working out again and slowly hopefully get back in shape soon.
That’s it for now. gotta grab some coffee, and start working.


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