Posted by: dutchimport | March 2, 2007


I have so many single friends, you know real great, good looking people, and for some reason I feel that’s it’s upon me to try to set them up, not only relationship stuff, but even just sex for them. You know, I want my friends to have it all.
Have I been successful? No, not once. Does that stop me? No, not at all.
Of course it gets worse when alcohol is involved, and be honest, when isn’t alcohol involved?
Now, I’m not sure if its because I’m European, or just outgoing and straight forward, but I just say things that sometimes are very funny (at least I think so), or sometimes a little too direct. People who know me are used to it, and accept me for who I am. But, sometimes I go a little to far. A few examples:
– A friend of mine brings a guy he just met. They a standing together at a party, and I look at them, and say: “You guys look cute together. You should have sex tonight!” It didn’t happen.
– Last New years Party, accidentally the same friend is talking to this guy who is just a great person, and of course so is my friend. They were having a great conversation until I joined them and said that they should totally hook up, and date! The guy left, and my friend was left with nothing…again.
– Last week’s Oscar party. My friend and me had this plan (see, I’m not the only one) to hook up one of his straights (that’s how he calls he straight friends) with my “mistress” from the show Las Vegas. She’s this great outgoing, good-looking girl I met on the set of Vegas, and we worked together for 2 months or so. Of course when they met at the party, I just could not let them sort it out themselves, and had to push them to really get to know each other, how great she is, how lucky a guy will be to be dating her, blah, blah, blah. The thing is, I had never met the straights (there were two potentials for my friend), and they didn’t take it very well, and I’m sure they hate me now. My friend did score one of the guys his phone number, and my friends loves me for me being me, but the wine and margaritas, did not help with being a little more discreet, and, well…normal.
I still hope that one of these days my direct straightforward behavior will lead to a relationship or at least a hook up!



  1. don’t you have any examples that don’t include me? or do you just have it out for me. and no the straights don’t hate you.

  2. […] to Malibu: PCH is now cleared: I just can’t stop, but I come up with the brillant plan to match up my friend Justine with John, yep, I still haven’t learned to do not do this: I send them both […]

  3. Well you definitely have the best interest for your friends. You sound like you have a future career as a matchmaker.

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