Posted by: dutchimport | March 9, 2007

A Day in the Life of Me: Thursday the 8th

06:00 AM: got up, shave, shower, dress, and out of the door by 06:40 AM. gas light comes on
07:00 AM: traffic slowing down on PCH, and 4 cops rushing by: motorcycle accident
07:15 AM: arrive at work in Malibu: 1st coffee
08:30 AM: 2nd coffee
10:15 AM: leaving the office in Malibu for an audition on S. La Brea: passed the accident
site, where the covered the body with a white sheet: very sad
10:40 AM: arrive at audition location: my friend John is running the audition, catch up with
him: am very happy for him, cause he has a national HR Block running, and
just shot a national Coors Light: good to see good things happen to good people!
10:50 AM: do my thing in front of the camera
11:05 AM: back in the car, heading back to Malibu: PCH is now cleared: I just can’t stop, but I come up with the brillant plan to match up my friend Justine with John, yep, I still haven’t learned to do not do this: I send them both a text message
11:35 AM: back in Malibu, straight to the location of my first events
12:05 PM: first events over, back to desk, little panic situation at my other work side: was
false alarm
12:45 PM: set up for second event, clients was late, but did get to meet him and his group
01:45 PM: back in the car to take Sunset to office in Brentwood: gas meter is now really below
the red line
02:15 PM: arrive at work in Brentwood, 3rd coffee, overwhelmed with stuff stacked on my
desk to finish on Thursday, didn’t get everything done, but most of it
03:50 PM: rush home, luckily no traffic, make it to the gas station by my house
04:25 PM: got home, grab Sierra to take her on a walk
04:40 PM: back from walk with the dog, change in shorts and t-shirt
04:45 PM: back in the car to go to Physical Therapy, leave a voice mail for Vanguard
05:00 PM: arrive exactly at 5 PM, my appointment time, really on the minute, work with Adam
on my right knee, catch up with him about his weekend, he told me Zodiac is not
worth seeing
05:35 PM: after training with Adam, my regular 10-15 minutes on the Elliptical
05:45 PM: cool down with ice on my knee
06:00 PM: back in the car, heading home, but stopping at pharmacy to pick up stuff
06:25 PM: get home, finally start clearing my back seat, taking up stuff to the apartment,
stuff that had been there since the move mid December
06:45 PM: make a quick dinner: fish
06:55 PM: Fishering comes home with some interesting news
07:15 PM: take trash down, and take the last stuff out of my car up to the apartment: have
my back seat back!
07:45 PM: finally able to sit down and relax with a glass of wine: watch
09:15 PM: watch Scrubs: episode written by a friend of ours, hilarious, we call him to
congratulate him: bottle of wine is empty
10:15 PM: in bed!!! I’m sooooo tired

Unfortunatly, a day like this is very common. This is my Friday: up at 06:15 AM, at work in Brentwood at 07:15 AM, catch up things I couldn’t finish on Thursday, write this post, at 10 AM I have to leave for Malibu to help out with my largest booked group so far in Malibu, hope to leave Malibu to go back to work in Brentwood by 1 PM, finish up things for the weekend at, hopefully leave work by 03:30-04:00 PM, maybe go to Runyon for a hike with Sierra…

For entertainment: check out Claire Danes and Patrick Wilson for GAP

I’m exhausted!



  1. Je vliegt wel van hot naar her als ik dat allemaal zo lees, maar in de tussentijd geniet je ook van wat jij allemaal doet. Veel succes en ik kom zeker nog eens terug op je site. next time I’ll write in English so the others can read the comment too.

    Greetings from Amsterdam,

  2. What a day! Two things: 1) Thanks for the Patrick Wilson clip…obsessed with him lately. 2) I disagree. Zodiak is worth it. I really enjoyed it. Look away during the one stabbing part though. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

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