Posted by: dutchimport | March 12, 2007

The weekend

I can’t believe it’s another Monday. The weekend was awesome. On Saturday we visited our friend Mark who has a pool in his back yard. We hanged out the afternoon, enjoying catching up, cooling off in the pool, and drink trashy wine coolers.
On Sunday we got up early, and took off on a day trip to the mountains. We started going to the closest one, Mount Baldy, but was a little dissapointing. Beautiful scenery, but we couldn’t really get high up, there was no snow, and no village or anything. We then drove up to Lake Arrowhead where we had brunch at a place Fishering had seen online: Belgian Waffle House. We ate som much that we skipped dinner Sunday night. After brunch we left the lake to drive up to Big Bear. It was very sunny and warm in California this weekend, so it was a beautiful to be up in the mountains. It has stormed 3 weeks ago, but all the fresh snow had pretty much dissapeared. We drove through Big Bear, but didn’t really stop anywhere. At the ski area it was very crowded and since we weren’t there to ski or board, we decided to take the alternate road back to LA, cause the traffic back going the ussual route started to pick up heavily. We made the right choice cause the scenic route was amazingly beautiful. About 15 miles outside of Big Bear, after passing 8000 feet, we found a entrance to a hiking trail. Finally we could let Sierra walk around off leash. The hike was beautiful, cause it was in a remote area so there was no one there. It was very warm, and returned to the car after 30 minutes or so. We continued to drive through beautiful “Brokeback Mountain” scenery with not that many cars around. We spotted a little creek, so we parked and took a little hike up the stream, which was very peaceful and quite as well. It got a little scary when Sierra picked up on some kind of smell, and started to take off into the forest. She totally dissapeared out of site, but luckily we were able to catch up with her. Besides that incident, she had been great all day. She loves driving in the car, and whenever she had the chance, she put her head out of the back seat window, and took in the wind and the scenery. On the way back she was so exhausted she just crashed in the back seat, and slept the entire way back. We got back in LA around 7 PM. Because of Daylight Saving this weekend, it was still light (even though I got a little confused and was convinced for a moment that it would get dark earlier for the first few weeks before it would stay light longer. Sorry, sometimes I’m just not so smart). it was an awesome trip, and even though we covered a lot of ground in one day, it didn’t seem rushed or long, and we now know some great places to go to not so far outside of LA, and it’s just great to escape the city sometimes. And now it’s Monday…


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