Posted by: dutchimport | March 14, 2007

Get up and Move

The last couple of weeks, well, months actually, I’ve been running around, stressed every day, about getting to work early, eating lunch at my desk, rush home to walk Sierra, then off to some kind of appointment, mostly physical therapy.
That needs to end, and yesterday I made that consious decision; not to be so busy anymore. It’s such a LA thing to be constantly on the run. I’ve had enough of it. Now that Physical Therapy is coming to an end, I’m going to slow done, and take everything one step slower. I don’t wanna rush through the days without at least once a day stand still to appreciate, learn or just be moved by one thing, no matter how small it might seem.
I’ve been able to work out again, and slowly increasing the frequency, of course being careful not to over do anything with my knee. Since I hurt my knee in May of last year, I have not been able to work out. I used to work out about 6 days a week, and before I hurt muself, I got back in shape after some time being out of shape. Last week I lost 3 pounds! I have about 5 more pounds to go, and I’ll be happy to have shed my post surgery extra “luggage” I’ve been caring around. I know it’s very vain, but i love to sometimes check out the following pictures, and remember that I can be in this shape again. Two years ago (or has it been 3, hmmm?), I had to get in shape for a student film, and I had 3 weeks to get there, and I was able to do it:

For someone dealing with depressing, therapy, medication all does good stuff for me, but the simple thing as working out, noticing results, it helps so much with my overall state of mind. So, I’m getting up and move! Changing things I don’t like in my life, but do it at a slow pace in order not to let life pass me by.



  1. I MUST know…how did you get in that kind of shape in 3 weeks? I am dying to hear your secret. i work out a minimum of 5 days a week…at least 1.5 hours at a time, and while I have seen definite results, nothing like this. You look awesome in this picture. please share a little advise with your blogger buddies.

  2. I sometimes love to look at those pictures too. Minus the arrows and blood.

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