Posted by: dutchimport | March 15, 2007

Civil War

I listened to NPR this morning, and the main story was that the Pentagon released a report last night that they now call the situation in Iraq a Civil War, wording they had not used before, but what the entire world already knew and saw coming for years. Retired Army officials already told the government 2 years ago, that a civil war was imminent, but the attention was diverted. Why? Maybe because the American people would not support getting involved in a civil war, and would request the troops to come back immediately?
When I got to work, I went online to read more about this. I went to CNN, and The New York Times, and I had to search for this news-breaking story. I also heard the confession of the 9/11 suspect on NPR, and thought right away that the government and the media would divert the attention to this topic, instead of dealing with what I think is a more urgent matter. Will Bush still push for 20,000 extra troops to Iraq? Surely this cannot happen now, don’t you think? Send more soldiers to get their lives killed in a civil war? There’s killing going on in Darfur, and many other countries where innocent people are murdered. Will this late acknowledgement of a Civil War in Iraq lead to calling our troops home?



  1. Wait–the “mastermind” of 9/11 and every other planned attack over the last decade….we caught him in Iraq, right? No? Oh. I’m very confused as to why we’re there.

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