Posted by: dutchimport | March 19, 2007


I hate to start the week off complaining, but I’m so tired! Friday night we had my friend Corri over. We found a great little Thai place, and she got so tired she stayed over and slept on the couch. Nice lazy day on Saturday, and watched “Keeping Mum” with Vanguard at our place.
Sunday was the day from hell! I was looking forward to shoot a scene for a movie for which I shot another scene almost 2 years ago, playing Vincent van Gogh. The scene yesterday was about the painting “The Anatomy Lesson” by Rembrandt. I spend weeks translating the script, and the large group of people the director/creator/writer/props/studio/grips/costume/make up invited was not on time, did not know the lines, did not bring copy of script, complaint on having to wear make up, and by 2 PM, not a single scene was shot (I got there at 9am). I just had enough of it by 7 PM: my knee was killing me, we had still 6 of the 8 pages to go, two young Dutch guys (22, and 19) kept argueing about everything. Everybody wanted to create thier own film and lines, characters and everything got changed on the spot. The Director was running around, and God love her, she had no control over the situation.
Okay, it’s time to go home now! A quick hike up Runyon, and then a nice relaxing evening working on my taxes… Oh, I playaed the 2nd guy from the right in the picture.



  1. Who was the worst person, one of the Dutch guys [?] next time let him play corpse. It saves learning lines too! 😉

  2. […] A couple of weeks ago I did work on another scene for The Search for Caravaggio, but this day was a disaster. Now I’m done with physical therapy, I have more time to let my thoughts flow, and think […]

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