Posted by: dutchimport | March 21, 2007

American Idol

Okay, I admit, I’m watching American Idol again. Unlike everyone else it seems, I don’t like the endless auditions episodes, so I started watching pretty much from the final 12 on. The auditions are just plain rude entertainment, and yes, I understand these are people who wanna be on TV, and that they signed a release form, but many of these people are clearly mentally handicapped or at least mentally challenged. They are made fun off, and FOX explodes them for high ratings. That’s my two cents.
Now, the 12 finalists have been pretty bad so far, except for 2 or 3 girls who have beautiful voices. The man, or should I say boys are just not good enough. Last night the quality overall was pretty good. I even liked two of the boys, Chris and Blake, but I actually don’t care for the sound of their voices, but it’s wasn’t as bad as they have been. I don’t like Chris Sligh’s voice at all, and don’t care much for Phil. The only thing I will say about Sanjaya is that I think he will stay around for a long time, because for some reason every season one dreadful, painfull, awefull singer is put in the finals because it creates great water cooler conversation and Internet crazyness.
But last night I was really moved by Jordin Sparks. She sang “I Who Have Nothing,” a hit by Shirley Bassey, and I thought her vocals were amazing.
Btw, I love my DVR player, cause I taped the show, started wtaching it an hour into it, and finished at the same time as the regular broadcast!

American Idol 6 – Top 11 – Jordin Sparks Performance!



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