Posted by: dutchimport | March 21, 2007


6 Months of unemployement, 2 1099 of which one a 1099-MISC, 3 W2’s from different jobs I had, and a bunch of receipt I saved for deductions for my acting expenses. That’s what my taxes filling looked like last night. We couldn’t figure out what to do with the 1099-MISC, after it shot the amount I have to pay up from $750 to $2000! I knew I would have to pay taxes this year, because I didn’t have them take out taxes when I recived unemployment…I just couldn’t afford it. I thought “My financial situation will be better in 2007, so I’ll pay taxes then”…YEAH, RIGHT!
My income in 2006 was about $25,000, and now I have to give back $2000, so you can maybe understand why I’m such a big financial black hole: $23,000 a year…
Fishering’s Dad also thinks that something’s not right with the big jump from the 1099-MISC, so he’s going to have a look at it, and hopefully my amount due will be a little less…



  1. The government took from me 18k in taxes, and I still owed the state 194 bucks. Shit!

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