Posted by: dutchimport | March 24, 2007

All by Myself…

Since Tuesday evening I’ve been by myself, for the first time since we moved in last December. That first night I didn’t do anything special, just watched some TV and went to bed. Wednesday night I had dinner plans with Yelena and Kasia, my two Shoah Foundation friends. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, and it’s always fun to hang around with them and our husbands/partner, but there’s something to say about just meeting with the 3 of us. Since I had the place to myself, I was going to host, but Yelena was going to cook at my place. While working together, she always brought left overs to work, and man, can she cook! She is 48, from Russia, and is always cooking for her husband and two sons, now both in college. She has the body of an 20 year old due to yoga, and she is just she sweetest ever. Before they came over after work, Danielle, my friend who moved to NYC a couple of years ago and now is a pastry chef, was going to stop by to hang out for an hour or so, before she was going to have dinner with Rye and Timm, who live around the corner. There was some miscommunication between them, and we became foster parents to Danielle for a couple of hours and fed her the delicious chicken Yelena made. Kasia brought the alcohol, and I made a Apple Pie.
It was so much fun seeing Danielle, Kasia and Yelena again! Some friends you don’t have to see all the time, and still you remain best friends. That’s the beauty about friendship.
Some friend you just wanna see all the time, so on Thursday I went to happy hour at O-Bar with Vanguard and Rye. Fishering and I kinda adopted Vanguard, and he really is just such an amazing friend, and a just a wonderful person (okay, I’m getting to weak, and soft…Vanguard also has major flaws…just have to offset all that positive sweet stuff).
I hadn’t seen Rye in a long time, even though we practically neighbors.
So Friday night was my night to rest and be alone at the apartment, and it was relaxing! I watched Hollywoodland, which was just okay, but the soundtrack was the best part of it. I did not want to make any plans for the weekend, but of course some plans came up. Tonight I’ll probably going to some Dutch gathering at Falcon in Hollywood, but knowing me and the Dutch, I’ll probably won’t stay for more then an hour. Luckily I’m going with Gisele, who is always a joy to be around with. I also have tentative plans with my friend Mark to go bar hopping to the most horrible and worst bars in West Hollywood, just because I never go there, and we just wanna have some fun.
As you can read, this post is about friends. Good friends. I’m so luckily to have these friends and more in my life. It makes the time go by faster until I have Fishering back at home!



  1. Flaws?!?!? What you talkin’ about Willis? (God I’m really old…oh wait does that count as a flaw?)

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