Posted by: dutchimport | March 28, 2007

My thoughts on American Idol

Last week I was extremely busy at work, and didn’t have time to post anything, and at night at home, I just don’t feel like sitting behind the computer. I had a fun weekend though, especially Saturday night when I went bar hopping in West Hollywood. I had never gone to the most well known WeHo bars, and I will never step foot in most of them again! I did like the new bar “Eleven” on Santa Monica Blvd.

So, I fast forwarded through last nights boring American Idol. I pretty much did not like any of the performances, and I hate to admit it, but of the men, I was only impressed by Phil, cause his vocals sounded good. I still don’t like him though. My favorite from last week, Jordin Sparks, was horrible in my opinion, and I hated Blake’s performance. I even thought Chris R. was better. Of course Melinda & LaKisha were solid, but boring. I did like Gina, and think she had a great vocal, and good song choice (I love the Pretenders!).

I kinda hate the show, especially the loud and obnoxious theme song, but luckily I fast forward to all, except the singing, and judge comments. Oh, I did not mention Sanjaya…well, as Simon said…it doesn’t matter what we think or say, he won’t leave the show, cause crazy kids are voting for him, even though he tries really hard to give the worst performance ever.
We’ll see tonight what happens.



  1. I hate American Idol with the white hot heat of a thousand burning suns. It’s got to be the most obnoxious show ever to hit the airwaves. And to make it all the more unbearable, it takes up the entire Fox Network programming for weeks at a time. Thank Cod “House” was finally new last night–it’s so damn irritating to lose it for weeks at a time while shitty singers belt it out looking for cheap and easy fame.

  2. i’ve never watch AI before. however, by some miracle, i’ve started watching this season’s and i’m hooked. simon has a rudeness i can only strive for. paula looks like michael. and that other guys is mr tubby. seriously, the show’s got me addicted. am i proud. hmmm, probably not but hey, makes my cable fees worth it.

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