Posted by: dutchimport | April 3, 2007

Acting struggle

Yesterday I had the first audition in over 2 weeks. I guess everyone knows it a tough, difficult industry to get into, but I’m here to stay! Yesterday was a commercial audition for “MSN Internet” through my agent. When I got there, the sides (which apparantly were available over the weekend, but my agent didn’t tell me), said the man to be 35 years old…I don’t look 35 at all! It was still a fun audition…hey, at least I was acting for a moment. I’m around a lot of actors at work, and I wonder why I’m not being send out when they tell me it’s a busy commercial time, and they get called in all the time?! Good for them though.
Since last May, when I dropped out of class because of my knee injury, I haven’t been able to get into some kind of class. Just no money, and the knee recovery plus the struggle with finding the right day job have made the all the time, money and energy shift away from what I really am…an actor.
Once my day job gets a little more stable, I hope to get back into class again, and starting to look for more theatre parts. My agent has only send me out on commercial auditions, and the management agency only send me out once since I signed the 3 month trial contract with them. That audition was awesome though, even though I didn’t book it. It was for “Reno 911”, and the audition was all improv. It was great and so much fun!
I just wanna be more creative again. Maybe creating more myself, shooting short films at no budget with friends and a video camera. A couple of weeks ago I did work on another scene for The Search for Caravaggio, but this day was a disaster.
Now I’m done with physical therapy, I have more time to let my thoughts flow, and think about short stories I really feel the need to tell. With YouTube and MySpace, it has become easier to display your art, but unfortunatly, lots on can not really be called art, but hey, for each it’s own. As long there is an outlet for people to express themselves, I’m very happy these sites are around.
I’m just going to make things happen myself!


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