Posted by: dutchimport | April 4, 2007

Let it be!

I’m just so freaking mad and upset by this article in Out Magazine, posted by Towleroad (thank you). It’s about people in the media living in a “glass” closet, so “everyone” knows they are gay, but the people in question have not publicly come out. So the writer of this article in Out, Michael Musto, decided to do it for them. On the cover of the magazine they posted pictures of Anderson Cooper from CNN, and actress Jody Foster. The article pretty much judges “celebrities” to stop living in the closet and they will have a happier life…What the f#ck?! How is this writer to decide how some one will be happier or not? Some ones sexuality is a very personal and intimated matter, and if some one is gay or lesbian, it’s up to that person to make the decision to come out to the public or not! When this horrible change did take place that “the public” should see and know everything about a “celebrities” life? Where do they get there coffee? Who do they sleep with? Who’s the baby’s father? What is a celebrity anyway? I was reading about Brody Jenner in Details last night, and the article was about his fame and his “celebrity” status. I understand that people like to read about people they see on the small or big screen, but f#cking hey, it’s just going too far! Anna Nicole, Brad and Angelina, Lindsay Lohan (well, she actually seeks the attention), or actors who are seen with another guy, so they are gay (Jake Gyllenhaal, Vin Diesel, Matthew and Lance are often rumored to be gay). Check out this brilliant and hilarious video of one of the most talented actors of our time, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, turning the camera around on the paparazzi! Many people (Perez Hilton?) will come up with excuses like “they choose to be in the public eye by working in the entertainment industry”)… Bullshit! Yeah, some people do seek the attention (Britney, Nicole, Paris, Lindsay…), but just the fact that some one is an actor, musician or any type of artist in the public eye, does not mean we have to make up lies, follow them with cameras, and putting them and their loved ones in danger or embarrass them! They are aloud and deserve to have a private life! Gossip has been around forever, but let’s keep it at what it is…gossip, and don’t judge people for not talking about their sexuality. It’s none of your f#cking business!



  1. C’mon dude…you’re an actor, you know the drill. Actors want fortune AND fame. They wants the lights, the glamour, and the admiration of adoring fans. When you want and become that public figure you do so by selling your sould for the publicity. Don’t come back and cry that people are invading your privacy. Actors whine when they don’t get enough publicity and they whine when they get too much publicity…that’s why they are actors…a flair for drama!

  2. You’ve got it right. If someone chooses not to talk about their sexuality, that’s their choice and it should be respected, regardless of what industry they’re working in.

  3. I haven’t read the article, and I agree with you that one’s sexuality is no one’s business… But isn’t “gossip” definied as “information which, though widely discussed, hasn’t been validated”? Is there a possibility that people wouldn’t wonder (or “gossip”) about one’s sexuality if everyone was open and honest about it?—Now, I’m in no way implicating the teenager in small town America who remains closeted for fear of physical, pyschological, or emotional abuse, but… for someone in a position of power,… doesn’t hiding one’s sexuality almost seem to perpetuate the problem?

    Just my two cents. 🙂
    luv you,

  4. Hey Jason (1st comment),
    Thanks for your input. I like to start discussions, and everyone has his/her own opinion. What you said could be right about many, and many actors need the fame and the paparazzi, but not all actors, and not me. Yes, we like the drama and attention to some extend, but it’s about the craft of acting for me, not the fame. The money would be nice:)!

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