Posted by: dutchimport | April 4, 2007

Not even Friday the 13th yet!

I’m off to a bad start today. It started out okay though. I got in my car at 6:45 AM to drive to work in Malibu. I normally take Sunset, but cross to Wilshire, and take San Vicente to go on PCh for about 2 miles. My mind was some where else though, and before I knew it, I had passed my turn, and was still on Sunset. Oh, well, so I took Sunset all the way to Malibu. Just before I entered the gate at work, I found out there had been an accident on PCH, so I would have been stuck in traffic. That was the good thing. The horrible thing is that apparantly the accident on PCH left two people dead, which always really affects me. Almost every week there is a fatality on the same stretch of PCH. Something needs to be changed over there! People, slow down, don’t use your cell phone while driving, and pay attention to your fellow drivers.
When I arrived at work, I noticed my messagers back was wet: my water bottle had opened inside my bag! Everything is wet, and a lot is distroyed: my headshots, resumes, bills, ect. Then after i cleaned it all, I get my coffee, start my stuff, pick up my coffee, and the lid slips off: coffee all over my desk, the key board, papers, and my pants. I ran to the kitchen, grabs paper napkins, and the box falls open and all paper napkins fall out. man, I wish some one was here to film this all, cause it would have been a nice film: all os this took place in just half an hour. I should be safe for the rest of the day.
It was a full moon last night…


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