Posted by: dutchimport | April 9, 2007

Easter weekend

Another Holiday has passed: a Holiday that went by pretty much unnoticed. Good Friday was not so good, cause I had to work, but we did watch “The Good Shepard” at night, which was pretty good. Saturday was awesome! I slept in till noon! Guess I needed it. Good trip to the gym, and Fishering surprised me with tickets to see “The Lookout” at The Arclight: the BEST theatre in LA! The movie was awesome! I really liked it, the acting was strong, especially Jeff Daniels, Matthew Goode, and of course Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Was a little disappointed in the ending, but still a great movie and I highly recommend it. Saturday night I met up with Vanguard, and two of his friends to go to “Eleven” for a Birthday gathering of one of my co-workers. Vanguard and gang were already pretty drunk, cause they were partying since 4 PM. I like “Eleven”. After “Eleven” we stopped by “Here”, cause Vanguard thought his group of friends from an earlier BBQ party would be there. They were not, but I ran into a neighbor from my building, and we chatted for a while. Know thy neighbors!
Sunday was a very mellow day. Talked to my parents online and Fishering and I started looking for a possible house to rent in Palm Springs for one of the getaways to take my parents and sister to when they are here in August. It’s all my parents can talk about at the moment: their trip to see us. Later that day we went to visit Timm and Rye who had a little Easter get together. Timm parents are in town so was good to see them again, and there was plenty of wine, and Easter goodies, so it was a nice little reminder that it was Easter weekend. It was also the first time we saw their apartment after Rye moved in a month ago, and they painted the whole place.
I am very excited that I was finally able to convert a .mov file of a short film I shot a while ago, to a file I can use with Windows Movie Maker. I’m so looking forward in going home after work and start editing! More on this project as it comes along!
And now it’s Monday and another workweek has begun.


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