Posted by: dutchimport | April 10, 2007

How much rejection can a person take?

Earlier this evening I got an email from my Management Agency, informing me they will no longer be representing me. I had a trial 3month agreement with them, but I didn’t think it had been 3 months yet. They send me out on 1 audition, for Reno 911. If you wanna sign a new talent, but start with a trial, wouldn’t you try your hardest to send that actor out as much as you can to see if that actor knows how to audition? Apparently not in my case. Last year my commercial agent let me go, no this. I have gotten used to being rejected, cause I can’t even tell you on how many auditions I have gone. How many rejections can I take? As many as it takes!



  1. Sorry to hear that. But I really admire your determination, you’re much stronger than I am when it comes to rejection. Best of luck.

  2. i’m so sorry to hear that. best of luck to you. it will happen.

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