Posted by: dutchimport | April 16, 2007


It’s another Monday! Besides the little unexpected Sierra health situation, it was a very relaxing weekend. I worked a lot on editing my film, and was able to have a first cut of the main video finished by Saturday. It’s a rough cut, and I will need to do some additional shooting for it to be better. Now it’s adding some pictures to tell the story, music, sound effects and a voice over narrator at the end (no, that won’t be me).
I’m very excited about working on this improvised first mini movie I’m putting together. It’s fun figuring out how to work with the editing program, and seeing it all come together.
But now it’s Monday, and today is all about Sierra. She will have her little surgery this morning to have a growth removed from her neck. Hopefully it’s just this individual growth, and nothing more



  1. Nice blog!

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