Posted by: dutchimport | April 17, 2007

What to do?

Sierra looked like a drunken dog when we picked her up from the Vet Hospital at 3 PM yesterday. She was pretty much out the rest of the day until about 9 PM at night when she was able to get up, go for a walk, eat and drink. In a couple of days we’ll find out what the biopsy has to say about the growth removed.

There seems to be a lot of pet misery around me these days. One co-worker at work told me this morning that her dog has not eaten in two days, and another person at Fishering’s department is desperate trying to find his dog. His house got broken into last week, and they left the door open and the dog escaped (or they stole the dog too). What can you do?

What can we do to prevent stuff from happening? What can help us to prevent a 23-year-old student to buy two guns, go to campus, kills 32 innocent people and then commits suicide? Then again, what can be done to avoid a person in Israel or Iraq strapping explosives to their body, and find a crowded place to kill as many people as possible including them?

The massacre in Virginia is a huge tragedy, and it makes you realize that you are not safe, no matter where you are, in class, in your car, at home. But it doesn’t do anyone good to live in fear, cause these tragedies, attacks, Tsunamis seem impossible to prevent.
Writing about yesterday’s horrible event brought back memory about the Russia children hostage situation a year (or 2?) ago, which ended in so many children and adults dead. Acts of hatred against different cultures, race, sexuality, politics… And yesterday? A young man made the decision long before yesterday to go out and just shoot a bunch of people
because…why? Hatred? Angry? Mentally ill? We’ll probably never know.


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