Posted by: dutchimport | April 18, 2007

My Life

I just wanna mention that I really have come to realize that I love my life. I feel that I have been too negative on this blog and just complaining a lot. Yes, last Thursday was a bad day, and yes, I hope Sierra’s biopsy will show no other scary things, but overall my life is great!
I’m really happy in my relationship, I love the place we live in, I love my dog, I have a job, I’m able to go out on auditions, I just have so many things to be happy and grateful for. My parents and Fisherings parents love us, and this is not always a given to have such accepting families. My parent and my sister are coming to visit in August. I have traveled a lot in my life, and have been to some of the most beautiful and amazing places on this planet. And I have the most amazing friends! I treasure my friendships, and don’t take them for granted. You know, no friendship is the same. Some friends you see a couple of times a week, and you just wanna see them as much as possible. Some friends I see once in a while, and that’s good too. I still have a core of extremely good and loving friends left in The Netherlands, even though I left 7 years ago. One of my best friends still lives in Peru, and I hardly speak to hear, but the friendship will never go away, just as my friend who lives in Australia now.
Bottom line: after the recent massacre in Virginia, but also because of the ongoing war in Iraq, I felt I needed to look at my life, and think about what i have, and stop focusing on what I want. I know, I shouldn’t have to need a horrible event to happen to understand this, but it does remind me that life is is short, it can be over in a second. Appreciate the present.
Lots of love to everyone!



  1. With all of the travesties going on in the world, it makes you appreciate everything that you have.

    Sure, life’s not perfect, but there are a lot of people who have it much worse than we do.

  2. I hope that Sierra’s growth comes back benign. Waiting for pathology reports is so unnerving. Bailey had a mast cell tumor several years ago on her chin. Fortunately, after surgery, the margins were clean and it never grew back. (Although I panicked several times and managed to talk myself into THINKING that it had grown back. I’ve spent a lot of money on useless biopsies.) At the time of the surgery, I was still temping, so barely had any money. I’m pretty sure I carried that balance around on my VISA card for about 3 years or so. 🙂

    Kisses to Sierra!

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