Posted by: dutchimport | April 30, 2007

Another Day

Last week was exhausting, and an emotional roller coaster. My thoughts are with CTo the entire time, and I hope she can find a way to deal with her loss.
Don’t know why I was so tired, but I had to take a nap Friday afternoon after work. We were going to see Julia Sweeney in her One Woman show “Letting Go of God”. I had no idea who she was, and was far from trilled when Fishering got tickets to see her two weeks ago. Damn, did she surprise me! I loved her show. I could write an entire post about her show alone, but I won’t. Instead I will just tell you what I got out of it. She made me feel good and normal not to believe in any religion, and not having a God to worship. I’ve had my search or curiosity towards several beliefs (I couldn’t get through a book by the Dalai Lama, cause I thought it was to difficult to read, but I did get a change to meet him and shake his hand…different story). The thing is, I just don’t believe, and I’m fine with it. I’ve always had this theory that you get born, you live, and you die. In between being born and dying, you have to make the most out of everything live has to offer, and yes, there are hardships, and many people seek to religion to get through them, but I don’t. I deal with it, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’ll probably will get a lot of hate comments about the following, but I think it’s kinda selfish to think that there’s more after live, a heaven or something like that. Why is it so hard to accept that you die and that’s it, finito, basta, your dead and that’s it. Live your life the way you want to, and I get my fulfillment out of that. I believe in the love of my friends and my family, and in the power of me, being responsible for my actions, and taking that responsibility. But that’s my outlook on life. I don’t judge people who do hold on and practice a religion. Just don’t look down on me if I don’t.
I must admit though that I am still figuring out if there’s something like ghosts, which if I think there are, that must mean there is some kind of afterlife. Yeah, I know, very contradictory to what I mentioned before. I also think there are such things as coincidences, but I also sometimes think that things could not be a coincidence. What does that mean. You know, I don’t know, and I’m fine with not having an answer to everything.
On Saturday we had to parties to go to. First I slept in till noon, cause did I mention how tired I was last week? At 5 PM we showed up at the Beverly Hills Country Club for a Dutch Queens Day (which is actually today: Hiep Hiep Hoera!) celebration hosted by the Dutch Consulate. Free snacks and drinks! We had a dinner party to go to at 7 so I didn’t eat much, just 2 haring, 3 bitterballen, and about 10 pieces of cheese.
We ran into some Dutch girls we hadn’t seen in a while. One was just left by her husband 3 months ago (after 14 years of marriage). She was hitting the Kettle One Vodka hard, and Fishering afterwards made the perfect comparison of who she totally was like: Patsi from AbFab! She is so much fun though! We need to hang out with her soon!
Sunday was mellow. I went to the gym, worked on editing my short film, watched some TV, and watch a bad movie (Caffeine, but it has my former acting teacher Mark Pellegrino in it, who by the way can do a okay British accent, but plays a horrible gay men, not a surprise because he is the biggest macho and masculine straight guy ever).
And now it’s Monday.


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