Posted by: dutchimport | May 4, 2007

Remembering Victims of War

At 11 AM Pacific Coast time today, I observed two minutes of silence to remember the victims of the WWII. Every year in The Netherlands at 8 PM there is a National Remembrance of victims of the war. Then on May 5th we celebrate and party because it’s our Liberation Day, (May 5th, 1945). Wherever I am, every year I try to observe the 2 minutes at 8 PM Western European time. I just did while watching Live Feed online of the Queen and many citizens gathered at Dam Square in Amsterdam to observe the 2 minutes together, like they do every year.
It’s 2 minutes to pay respect to the victims, and I pay respect to all war victims, this year especially to Bryce who was killed in Iraq last year.
Every year we remember war victims on May 4th, while there are still wars going on all over the world. When can we stop the war in Iraq, and start a Memorial Day for all service men fallen in this war?



  1. Respect, respect huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge respect.
    I did not obeserve the two minutes even though I was in The Low Country hours before. Worse even…………I was in Berlin. Great that you manage to keep up the tradition even emerged in a totaly different part of the world.

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