Posted by: dutchimport | May 9, 2007

Nice Weather, Bad Consequences

The last couple of days it’s been extremely hot in Los Angeles…and I love it! It’s about time if you ask me! It’s May and I hear stories from my friends back in The Netherlands that they went to the beach a couple of times already, which for The Netherlands is unheard of (climate change???).
Unfortunately, the hot dry weather (we had the lowest rain fall this winter since centuries), is causing wild fires, and one started yesterday in Griffith park, and it’s still not under control. Griffith Observatory, just re-opened after a 3 year remodeling, is still in danger and the LA Zoo as well.
Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the summer weather with going on lots of hikes. Sierra is not so happy, cause she is getting a little hot going up and down Runyon Canyon. Maybe it’s time to visit the beach this weekend! Next weekend we’re going to Carmel for a long weekend for a wedding and I can’t wait!
Btw, the job situation sucks! But I did make a new best friend last week: R.W.! We met at Runyon a couple of times last week, and I think we’re going to be BFF soon!


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