Posted by: dutchimport | May 10, 2007

Lucky she is alive

Because of the extremely temperatures, we’ve been having all our windows open to get some air in. We have no A/C, so without the windows open it’s to damn hot, not only for us but especially for Sierra during the day.
My cell phone doesn’t get any signal at work, so when I was driving home, I had 4 voice mails. The first one was from a complete stranger and his message gave me a heart attack: he found my dog on the street, and from eye witnesses he knew that she had fallen out of the window from our apartment on the 2 1/2 floor, and was crossing the busy Crescent Heights with no cars stopping. I was completely shaking, and tried to write down his number. The other three messages were from my neighbors down stairs and from the same guy. This is what happened:
Sierra somehow got on the dinning room table, and fell out of the window facing Crescent Heights. A guy, who I will refer to as “Hero” from now on, who lives across the street from us, just happened to be outside his apartment when he heard something drop to the ground. He then saw Sierra all disoriented and scared stumble across Crescent Heights, but traffic paid no intention to her. He stopped traffic, and got her to his side of the street. It’s unsure if at one point she was hit by a car. One car had stopped, and asked if the dog was his, cause this driver saw her fall out of the window of our building. Hero now knew where Sierra had come from. He first took care of Sierra by giving her water and calming her down. He called my cell phone number which is on her tag, and left a message. Hero then went over to our building, and called the Manager. Our building manager thought it must have been one of the dogs from our neighbors downstairs, because the have the only patio in the building and to dogs. He called one of the girls, and told her that her dog jumped from her patio. She freaked out, called her girlfriend, and the both left work to hurry over to the building. When one of them got there, they realized it was not one of their dogs, but that it was Sierra from upstairs. Hero and the girls then took Sierra to the Vet Hospital two blocks from us, and left several messages to try to reach me. At the hospital the said to help Sierra, but were worried about the costs. They decided on letting the doctors do whatever was necessary, which was x-rays to start with. At that point I was getting through all my four messages and freaking out in my car, driving like crazy to get to the pet hospital. Then Hero called me again, and I felt so relieved to hear that he and my neighbors were at the hospital with Sierra, waiting for results.

After what seemed the longest drive ever, I made it to the hospital, parked right in front of the entrance in the red, and in front of a fire highdrant and ran inside. I just first hugged the girls and Hero, and almost broke down. I was shaking like crazy. They told me that besides two major wounds on her back knees, she seemed to be okay, which no one understood, because of her accident. They were waiting for the results of the x-rays. I thanked them like a thousand times and told them they didn’t have to wait, but they insisted on staying, because they wanted to see her, and make sure Sierra was okay. I was finally called in to see her, and both Sierra and I were so happy to see each other. The doctor showed me the x-rays, and was just in disbelieve that she was alive after the story he was told. The x-rays did not show any fractures or internal damage! He even took two extra x-rays at no costs, and besides an obstructed view of her bladder, everything was normal. She lost a lot of blood from the wound on her knee, which was taped up, but Sierra was one lucky strong dog! I got medication to take home, and I have to go back on Friday to make sure her bladder is okay.

I took care of the charges, which they were able to keep around just $200, and took Sierra home after thanking Hero and the girls again for everything they had done. I also made a quick stop at 7Eleven to pick up cranberry juice and Vodka to calm ME down once home. When I got home, the building manager also just got home, and helped me get Sierra up to our apartment. He was also very worried and so happy, and surprised at the same time to see that she was okay for such a huge fall.

I called Fishering when I was in the car on my way to the hospital, and all I was able to say was that Sierra fell out of our window, got hit by a car and was at the hospital. When I got home I was finally able to call him back to tell him she was miracelously okay for what had happened to her. The two girls from downstairs came up for some drinks, and kept me company till Fishering came home.

Today I’m staying home to take care of Sierra. In a moment I’m going back to the hospital to have her tape changed, because it’s coming off. I’m also emotionally drained and am in no shape to even go to work, so I’m glad I’m able to stay home and take care of our girl. After the shock, the emotion and drama, good things came out of all of this. First and foremost, Sierra is in good shape considering her accident, and I got to know my neighbors and Hero (but also my neighbor from across the hall, and my building manager: somehow all tenants found out what happened, and were all worried), and I got to see the good in people who were strangers to me before. Hero told me to call him if I needed anything, and the girls were just so sweet to help Sierra (and me) the entire time.

It is unbelievable that Sierra is alive. It’s is also such a beautiful thing to find out that there were such beautiful people around who took care of Sierra for us like it was their own dog. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be surrounded by people like Hero and the girls downstairs, people you can count on, and so willing to give a helping hand when needed. And of course the most important thing is that we still have our crazy, hyper, separation anxiety Sierra around to take care of and love.
If you were able to read all the way to the end, thank you, and here’s a picture of our wounded, but oh so lucky girl!



  1. Holy cow! Wow! I’m so happy for you that everything is okay!

    Take care.

  2. Hmmm. And you two thought I was crazy when I asked if you were worried that she might jump out the window someday. Dogs do crazy things! I’m so glad your neighbors were so conscientious and caring I’m even more glad that Sierra is okay. Poor baby! You guys must be a wreck too. I’ll let you know if I hear of any deals on air conditioners!

  3. Mijn g.. Jeroen, wat een verhaal. Ben superblij dat het OK met ‘t gaat! Niets dan lof voor jouw buren! Geef ‘r een dikke knuffel! Liefs!

  4. Holy crap!
    What a truly frightening experience!
    SO good to hear that she’s okay!
    Take care of yourself while you’re taking care of her.

  5. Oh dear, that sounded really horrible. Glad to hear she’s OK.

  6. Wow, that is about the craziest story ever. Poor Sierra, what an ordeal. I hope you are calmed down now and able to relax a bit after that shock. Your neighbors are fantastic—something about dogs in trouble manages to bring out the best in people.

    As a side note, Bailey & I are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. I sat down to do the math on how much money I’ve spent on her over the last few years. About $15k is what I came up with. With all of Sierra’s recent scares, you’re probably going to be on the same pace, sorry to say!

    Kisses to Sierra. Hope her recovery is swift.

  7. Oh my God – whhat a terrible experience for you and Sierra. Glad to hear she is on the mend.


    Poor Sierra (and poor you guys)… Yes, at least she’s OK. How many people can say thier dog fell out of a window.

    It could’ve been worse. Someone VERY CLOSE to me (who’s name, let’s Just sAy we’ll Keep a sEcret) was with a friend as he was bouncing a ball against the wall of his NY apartment balcony. Bounce, Hit, Catch. He was playing with his dog. “You know, one of these days the ball’s going to go over the wall and the dog’s going to try to catch it.” He said. “No it won’t” was the reply. Bounce. Hit. Catch… Bounce OVER- and the dog jumped to follow.

    He said there was a moment of sheer joy on the dog’s face as he hung briefly at the apex… weightless and free – focusing on the thing he loved the most.

    I always wondered what the people on 12th Ave thought when a Maltese plummetted 14 stories. What kind of GEICO claim would THAT be?

    At that point, little could be done other than shop for a gerbil… or turtle perhaps.

  9. I really hope she’s doing better.

    She’s such a sweet (and super friendly) dog.

  10. […] their lives, have babies and all that “normal” stuff. In the mail I wrote about the issues we had with Sierra and how we now put her on doggie anti-separation anxiety medication. I made a remark that she is now […]

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