Posted by: dutchimport | May 22, 2007

Wedding in Carmel!

I hope I never have to attend a wedding again, because the one I attend this past weekend was so fantastic, I’m not sure if any other wedding will be able to top this one! Fishering’s best friend Jason married his girl of 4 years Megan in beautiful Carmel! I had never been in Carmel, and we drove up early Friday morning to take our time along Highway 1 along the California coast. We stayed at the oldest hotel in Carmel by-the-sea, la Playa, and had an Ocean view room, which was spectacular! Jason met up with us for a little bit to spend some time with young friends cause he spend the entire morning playing golf with his future in-laws. Of course he was a little bit nervous for the big wedding, and so was Fishering, who as one of the best man had to deliver a speech at the reception. I have never seen him so nervous:)!
Friday night we attended the rehearsal dinner, and mingled and got to know family members and friends of the bride and the groom. I became instant best friend with Jason’s other best man Alex, and his wife Melissa. Saturday was pretty much for recovering from a huge hang over from all the drinking Friday night, and preparing for more drinking coming up at the actual wedding. The priest had a rule that anyone standing up at the wedding could not drink before the ceremony, so he had to prepare his speech and be nervous without having a drink to calm his nerves! Of course I had plenty of wine at the hotel room before leaving for this awesome country club just outside Monterey for the wedding. I don’t have any experiences with weddings, since this was only my 2nd one ever (I didn’t know that groom and bride people sit on opposite sides of the aisle). I won’t go into details of the wedding; you can look at the pictures. Megan looked absolutely gorgeous! Jason spoke the most beautiful vows ever and he didn’t even had to look at his cheat sheet he pulled out. Yes, I cried. Beautiful!
The dinner was great as well. We sat at the newlyweds table, and I was very happy when it was finally time for Fishering to deliver his speech, so he could relax as well. He delivered the speech perfectly, very calm, touching, a laugh or two, and you know it works when you see the groom whipping his tears away.
After the dinner it was just drinking, dancing, and drinking. We ended up with Alex, Melissa and Jason’s little sister Liz in some random bar in Monterey, doing Kamikaze shots before calling it a night. Yeah, driving back on Sunday was hell, even though the scenery was beautiful and peeing at the Madonna Inn is really a unique experience.
Monday was a very tough day to be back at work. It was a mini vacation, but absolutely amazing, and perfect. After all the Sierra stuff we went through, we really needed this! Btw, our friend Coby stayed at our place and watched Sierra and she was fine.
A couple of pictures from the wedding and the scenery will follow later.



  1. Beautiful pics!
    Makes me want to get married…
    Makes me wish I COULD get married…
    Glad you got to relax!

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