Posted by: dutchimport | May 28, 2007


People who know me, they know that I don’t have any obsession with celebrities, movie stars or rock stars. I do however have one singer I’ve been listening too for a long time, and really like, not just his music, but his personality that he lets the public see. I read a biography about him by a well know mostly music writer Chris Heath, and learned even more about him. My friend Kaline wants me to be bff with him forever, since we both live in LA.
I haven’t mentioned this before on my blog, because I kinda wanted to protect his privacy. A couple of weeks ago I went on my regular after work hike with Sierra and there he was, also hiking. When I past him, and recognized him, it actually seemed very normal, just a regular guy hiking. I ran into him a second time, and at the same moment, one of his songs was playing on my IPod, so I point to my IPod and say in passing “I’m listening to you right now”. He gives me a thumbs up, and we both continue our hike. At the end of my hike, I reach the last water stop before the exit of the park, and I guide Sierra to it to have some water. From the other direction RW waks about to the same water fountain with his dog. And there we were: me and a mega rock star famous all over the world, but his music never really reached a US auditions, and he’s not upset about it, cause that’s why he can live in LA, and not be bothered as much by paparazzi. He took of his earphones, and introduced himself to me. We then chatted for about 5 minutes about all kinds of things: soccer, living in LA, knee injuries, etc. We said goodbye, and yes, I was excited, but it felt so normal, just to European guys talking about stuff.
Over the next couple of days we run into each other a couple of times, and have some small talk in passing, and just greeted one another.
Of course I’m now convinced we will become bff!



  1. hahahahah!
    hij is sssssooooooooooooooooooo leuk. vind ik ook. en kan wel een normale vriend gebreuiken denk ik 😉
    XXX ga zo nr de bijlmer voor een kookles met een stel dames uit burkina faso. ik heb maar een appeltaart gebakken! om iets nederlands terug te doen.

  2. If it makes you feel any better–I was doing an interview with Ben Lee 2 summers ago who was touring with RW. As I was leaving, I ran into RW’s guitarist who was outside in the sun, warming up for the show. He said that touring with RW was the most amazing experience ever and the best job he’d yet had.

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