Posted by: dutchimport | June 8, 2007

Audition Debacle

Yesterday I had an audition at 10 AM in Hollywood for a Dietary Supplement (the day before it was a Diet Pill). I went into work early, dressed to look like a rookie cop. I wore my regular black dress pants and shoes, and a white fitted shirt, sleaves rolled up, and it has pockets on the chests and the upper arms. People at work said I looked like someone in uniform. I was all set! I showed up at 10 AM in Hollywood, and the place was locked up. I call my agent, but she couldn’t get a hold of anyone from the casting. I waited 30 minutes before I left and went back to work. My agent finally got hold of the casting people, and they told her that the audition location had changed from where it was held the day before. Fuck! And I so looked the part!

The good thing about yesterday was that I received a call that my voice was approved! Okay, a step back. On Tuesday I got a call from someone who I send my resume to months ago. They needed some one for Dutch voice over gig. I needed to come in for a test, which I did Wednesday. The sample was send by email to Europe and Thursday morning I got word that my voice was approved, so Thursday afternoon I was recoding at the studio for about 20 minutes, but got paid for two hours at a really good rate! Hopefully more voice over work will come!



  1. It took them that long to get back to you? Geez.

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