Posted by: dutchimport | June 19, 2007

Not my Cup of Tea

For weeks I’ve been dreading the day, and yesterday it was there: I had to go to an annual Management Meeting (retreat) for the company I work. I never wanted to go, because first of all, I’m not a manager, but the big boss forced me to go, saying it was for managers and “key employees”, which I guess is a compliment. But I have no intentions on staying for a long time with this company, but I must admit, I have nothing against the company, because I think they are doing good things. I just don’t wanna be part of my specific team. Actually, the meeting part of yesterday was the most interesting part. I was suppose to stay for both days, and stay over in a dorm room of the school where we were having the meeting, but I was able to get out of that and drove back after dinner with some one else who did not wanna stay (or go in the first place).
This is what I have against days like yesterday. You get all the Managers from the Western Region together; most of them know each other from previous years of getting drunk, and acting stupid. On stage before the presentation, the big shots show up in their ill fitting jeans and horrible Tommy Bahama’s shirts instead of their normal expensive suits. The dinner team was Western because of the location where we were, so yes, most people had their cowboy outfits with them. I couldn’t think of a worst thing having to experience as having to spend time with a group of people who at work are back stabbing and trash talking about each other. And the the location: very beautiful location, mountains, not far from the coast, not even an hour and a half drive, but at a private High School costing more a year then a year at UCLA or USC. The student all get a horse to take of for the first year for crying out loud! Totally not my cup of tea, but I survived, and I’m now alone in the office, cause all the managers are still there, probably hung over and regretting the sex they had with some other strange person who took “team building” a little too far.


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