Posted by: dutchimport | June 25, 2007

Stand Up

Last night I went to see my friend at the Comedy Store for his first stand up gig. He took a class for a couple of weeks and last night was their “graduation night”. We spend the day chillin’ at his pool, and were looking forward to the evening. As the show started, I was pleasantly surprised at the talent performing for their first time as a stand up comedic. I believe there were about 12 people, and my friend was number 7. Now, my friend is just a naturally funny guy, so I was not that worried about him. Although, in the same room we saw one of our other very funny friends perform about 2 years ago, and she did not so good on that stage. Luckily our friend did great, and looked very comfortable during his 7 minutes on stage.

Our friend just recently got out of a 2 year relationship, and is being incredibly active and taking lots of different classes and exploring new things and hobbies. I really am happy he’s going this, but I’m surprised where he’s doing all of this. He picks all exclusive gay classes and groups. Now, I have nothing against him doing this, but it’s not my thing, and I would never do something like that. Last night, I felt that after many comedies up there, I was a little done with the gay jokes. I’ve always liked being around a more mixed crowed, including bars etc. When I took a Tango class last year, it didn’t even come into my mind to look for a gay class. I see it in a lot of my gay friends that they surround them selves with gay friends only and the occasional “fag hag”. They actually make remarks about why they should hang out with “breeders”. To each his own I guess, and I don’t wanna sound like my way is the best way, but I’m happy that in my circle of friends I have a mix of all sorts of interesting and great people, no matter who they like to sleep with. this post may sound like a bunch of rambling stuff, and I don’t know if I really got my point across without offending or judging people, cause that’s the last thing I wanted to accomplish with this post.



  1. Who you calling a fag hag?

  2. I hear you – I’ve never figured out the whole “gay immersion” thing when it comes to hanging out with people – my friends sleep with everybody. No, really – they sleep with everybody…

  3. I have a few friends that will only take “gay” classes because, well this is what they tell me, they had to put up with being in a mixed kind of situation for years when going to school that it is refreshing for them to go to a place to learn where they don’t even have to worry about being judged because everyone else is like them…I think it sounds dull…

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