Posted by: dutchimport | July 3, 2007


Summer really arrived with temperatures going into the 3 digits! I love summer! Went to the beach two weeks ago, first pool party last weekend, and sweating my ass of while hiking Runyon Canyon. I now have to go hiking around 6 PM, cause Sierra is just not liking the hot sun and the soaring heat in the Canyon.
Friday was an awesome afternoon and evening! It was Fishering’s off Friday, and he did grocery shopping, prepared dinner, and it was just the perfect evening!
Tomorrow, 4th of July I’m off! No plans yet, but I’m sure some pool party or BBQ will come up, and if not, just chillin sounds excellent to me too. Last Saturday we went to this huge pool party in Bel Air. We were planning on attending this sausage fest pool party, but a couple of our friends were going, among of course Vanguard, so we got over there, and actually had a good time. At night we went to see Ocean’s 13, which was a little disaster, cause we made it to the Grove where parking was hell, and when we walked into the theatre, there were seats left. Got our money back, returned home (I was so pissed and frustrated by the situation, and ended up going to Mann’s Theatre in Hollywood to see the 9 PM showing of Ocean’s 13. The movie was okay, a little entertaining, but very forgettable. They actors have good chemistry together, but that was the only reason I would give this movie thumbs up.
On Sunday we went to see Ratatouille with a theatre filled with kids. I enjoyed the movie, but at 1 hour and 50 minutes it was a little too long. Still, it an amazing beautiful cartoon which made me wanna eat and go to Paris.
As we walked out of the theatre (The Grove), we walked by the HUGE line in front, yes you guessed it…the Apple Store for the iPhone! I actually saw the machine, cause one of my friends got one, and it’s pretty amazing! Everyone had The Grove umbrellas to protect them from the sun, cause it was bloody hot. This picture shows just probably 15% of what the actual line was:
Can’t wait for this day to be over and celebrate my 8th 4th of July in the States! Wait, last year I was in Europe on the 4th…so 7th…oh, wait, in 1998 I was in Florida, so I guess still my 8th 4th of July! Enjoy the Holiday everyone!


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