Posted by: dutchimport | July 19, 2007

TV’s Best

The Emmy nominations were announced today. This season I haven’t been watching many shows, except for “Grey’s”, “Traveler“, “Brother’s & Sisters”, “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip” and a whole bunch of reality shows (“Survivor”, “Amazing Race”…hey, don’t judge!). Both “Traveler” and “Studio 60” are canceled, so that says something about my taste I guess…
Great to see the many nominations for “Jane Eyre”, “Rome”, “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip”, “Planet Earth”, “Weeds”. I just don’t get “The Closer”, “Boston Legal”, “House”, “Two and a Half Men”, Maki Oka in “Heroes”. I actually never saw “The Sopranos”, so I can’t judge about all those nominations, and of course since the show is over, they will everything.
Toni Collette should be nominated for everything she does (even her CD”s), and so does Mary Louis Parker and Helen Mirren.

See the complete list of nominations!


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