Posted by: dutchimport | July 23, 2007

Oh man, what a weekend!

After two mellow weekends in a row, this weekend was packed with fun social happenings. It started Saturday night with Happy Hour at O-Bar which was long overdue. We kept it under control and just shared one or two drinks with Vanguard and Chasing Mercury. Friday was a long day at work, an audition for some Casino, and still no official offer for my new job. Hopefully that will come today. Friday afternoon I came home to find our dear friend M@ relaxing at our place after he drove in from Phoenix that morning. He is here for a couple of days to look for an apartment, which he found, and to buy an entire new wardrobe for peanuts at H&M! M@ and I are now H&M shopping buddies, and even though I have no money, Fishering was so sweet to give me his card to let me buy something nice for myself. I got a cheap cap, and a new bathing suit. I didn’t go nuts, but I do feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I enter H&M.

Saturday night we went to see our “Out at the Wedding”. Very proud of our friend Andrea Marcellus, who pulled of playing the lead is this hilarious comedy with lots of heart. I’m so proud of her, happy for her, and she is an inspiration for me to keep up going pursuing acting! Check out the trailer and release news here. The after party was a Eleven in WeHo. Joe had his entire family come over, mom, dad, aunt, cousin, to be stuck at a Gay Bar with way to loud music playing and the fog machine out of control, but they were troupers, just to support Andrea! It gave me a chance to redeem myself for making a complete fool of myself the night before. They were all very sweet and I should feel bad at all. The thing is, whenever I leave a party at their house, I’m at a point I don’t know my own name anymore. They are the best hosts, so your glass is never empty, and at one point the Tequila shots come out, and that is what killed me. I promised myself I was going to be good. Friday night actually start with a brief stop at Boulevard Lounge to celebrate the Birthday of my boss to be. I decided to just drink white wine that evening, which I did, but after the shot at the house of our friends, I got up, thinking I was just fine, but awkwardly fell backwards in the bushes in front of everyone! I was so embarrassed I sneaked out not much later with out saying goodbye, and I sat waiting against the car for M@ and Fishering to come and drive me home. Before we could leave, I had to leave some of my dinner at the curb…

So, when I saw the entire family at the screening of the movie on Saturday at the Ford Amphitheatre I showed everyone I was drinking water that night!

Sunday afternoon we gathered at El Coyote (where else!) to celebrate our friend Amy’s promotion, and also a little bit my new job offer! We arrived at 2:15 PM, and left at 9:15 PM. This was my longest El Coyote Marathon ever, but I’m sure Fishering has had longer stays here at our place where everybody knows our names (and they’re always glad we came).

Just a great fun packed weekend! And to top it all of, this morning I woke up to the sound of…the sound of RAIN! It has been the driest year in LA since God knows when, and after an extremely hot weekend, Monday started with a little rain (in Holland or Seattle they would have called it drizzle). Now, 9:30 AM, the sun is coming out, and it will be a hot, humid day. Hiking this afternoon will be beautiful though, cause the rain should have cleared the smog, for at least one day.
Now the countdown till my family arrives has begun: 11 days from today



  1. I can’t believe you guys were there until 9:30pm! At that time I was already in my jammies reading the Potter. Actually that occurred around 6pm….

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