Posted by: dutchimport | July 31, 2007


3 More days, and the family arrives. Thursday night they will come rolling into my LA life, which had been pretty safe and free of family unitl now. Everything (well, almost, but I think the cleaning and the grocery shopping are just minor details) is set for their arrival. My parents and sister + boyfriend will stay in our apartment, and we’ll be staying at our friends place, one block from where we live. Sunday is my parents 40th wedding anniverssary, and Monday starts our RV trips through California till the following Monday, Tuesday the 14th it’s off to Disneyland, Wednesday The Parents Meet the Parents Day, and Thursday my family leaves at 7 AM in the morning. Yeah, the Dutch don’t f#ck around: lots of traveling, and wanna see everything!

Thursday the 16th and the 17th are my last days working for my current employer, and the 20th I will start my new job! I’m so excited, but right now all my focus is on the upcoming family visit and vacation, so I guess that I won’t really realize the complete joy of getting this new job until that first day is here.

One major issue though with my family arriving this Thursday: we were invited for a screening of “The Bourne Ultimatum” which we can’t attend. One night, maybe when my parents go to bed a little earlier we can catch a late showing this weekend, cause I can’t wait till my parents are gone, cause you can’t even imagine how excited I am to see this movie! Just thinking about it makes my heart race a little. Even though I think no installment can beat “The Bourne Identity”, cause that’s just the best thriller ever, and that chase scene in the mini is the best ever (yeah, for me even better then the French Connection!).



  1. So–not to gloat or anything–I’ve already seen Bourne Ultimatum. And you must see it. It’s pretty awesome. The car chase is great, but does not compare to the previous films. There is a hand to hand combat scene, though, that is out of control. You’ll know it when you see it. It’s ridiculous.

    This is a perfect summer movie. Loved it.

  2. That’s a dream…being able to stay at a friend’s place when the ‘rents are in town…mine always want to stay with me…HOW?!

  3. Yowza! You’re busy!—Your family sounds like mine though,… firm in the belief that “it’s not a good vacation unless your legs hurt.”

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