Posted by: dutchimport | August 10, 2007

Heaven or Hell???

I’m writing you from the RV just outside of Crescent City in Redwoods National Park, 20 miles from the border with Oregon. Since Monday we’re on the road, and it has been awesome: beautiful scenery, great times with the family, and I’m trying to forget about the horrible moments that make me just wonder if I’m adopted or not.
Monday night we stayed at a campsite close to Solvang. That night I unfortunately had to accept that my parents are really huge alcoholicts. By the end of the night when I was getting ready to go to bed, my dad was singing : And we’re not going to bed, cause the bottle is not empty!”. We got him a bottle of sherry of 19.5% which he drank in one night! My mom is even more ADD, Mentally challenged as I ever thought she was, and my mentally challenged sister and boyfriend seemed even more normal then ever. Fishering deserves a medal to stay with me after knowing my family so well. Tuesday night we stayed at a beach near Monterey. Beautiful sunset and my parents just as drunk as the night before. Wednesday night we made it out to Cloverdale at this beautiful RV site at a hill with a beautiful view of the … well… of some mountains. I especially enjoyed the pool after a long day driving in the RV.
Today was probably the most beautiful drive. We drove up north through the Avenue of the Giants in Redwoods Forest. Tonight we’re staying in Crescent City in The Redwoods National Park. Tomorrow we start heading east, but now I’m just dealing with my drunk parents, my sister and boyfriend and my oh so understanding Fishering. The trip so far has been far more positive as I exspected it to be, besides some moments I wanted to drive the RV of the cliff.
I’m really enjoying this Holiday, cause it once and for all makes me understand why I moved to California, and why I decided to live so far away from my parents.
To be continued…


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