Posted by: dutchimport | August 12, 2007

Northern California!

It’s so beautiful in Northern California! The Redwoods were just amazing and the coastline, just incredible. Now we’re outside Yosimite, which we’ll explore tomorrow. So, “Why is he behind a computer” you might wonder? Well, cause my mother is driving me insane, so whenever I get a minute to escape from her, I do. Can’t stick Fishering with her for too long alone though, so I gotta go back to the campfire.
Oh, btw, I do love her, but she drives me nuts!
Okay, let’s stay positive. Here are some pics from the trip so far:



  1. Do we have the same mom?

  2. Enjoy the trip – can’t wait to hear more when you return.

  3. Umm, I don’t understand your photos. Are you being artistic?

  4. Oh I get it now. You have to click on them. Dur.

  5. Me likey the pool pic!

  6. so, judging by the photos, you and Fishering travelled to the gates of hell and took a picture of the two of you in the flames of purgatory?

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