Posted by: dutchimport | August 29, 2007

You’d Better be Home Soon

crowded-house.jpg + greek.jpg =

On Tuesday I got an email from a colleague saying she had 2 free tickets to see Crowded House (Pete Yorn opening) at The Greek theatre on Wednesday night. I replied before even reading the entire email, saying “YES, I want them”, and I did get them! It’s always so nice to be at The Greek (or the Hollywood Bowl), cause they’re such beautiful venues, and last night was one of those beautiful summer nights with a full moon hanging above the theatre. Crowded House didn’t disappoint, and showed that after being away for about 12 years or so, it is possible to make a great come back (sadly without their original drummer Paul Hester who died in 2005). New songs and old songs were played with humorous interaction with the audience in between.
I only would have liked to have seen them perform 2 of my favorite songs, “Four Seasons in One Day”, and “Into Temptation”, but the played many other great songs, so I forgive them.
They ended with Fishering’s favorite song (we are still debating who burned this song on a CD for each other first) “You’d Better be Home Soon”. Funny note here: he asked me not to sing along from the beginning, but wait for the sing along part…hahahahaha, “sing along part”? I know that song so well, so like most of the people at the theatre I started singing along from the beginning, but was asked not to:)… Of course I didn’t listen to him.

To recap the last two weeks real quick (since I haven’t been updating lately). Started my new job, and am very happy so far. I started with a 4 day week, cause last Friday was one of the Off Friday’s I have every other week! Awesome those three day weekends! I went to the beach that day. Busy social weekend, but fun. In a drunken moment late Saturday night, we signed up for Showtime, just so we could watch “Weeds”. We’re totally addicted to this show, and watched the season finale of season 2 Friday night on DVD, and we couldn’t wait 8 months or so for season 3, so we watched it Saturday night on Showtime:)!
Is started the week with two days of Orientation at the Center, which were boring, but hey, I got through them, and I’m now working a 5 day week, and next week a 3 day week because of Monday off (Labor Day), and Friday off (regular off Friday). Love these benefits!
My buddy Thur is in Atlanta for 11 days for work, and on Monday I reserved a ticket with my miles to go visit him for the long weekend. It was a great impulse, but would have been a waste of miles, cause I would have arrived early Saturday morning, and leave early Monday morning, which Thur and I decided wasn’t worth it. I now have enough miles to fly to The Netherlands or Peru, so I’m saving my miles.
I’m going to start working now. More updates later as they come along!



  1. The weather here in Atlanta has been hotter than normal for the past several weeks, so I am looking forward to Autumn more than ever.

    Sorry to hear about Fishering’s Grandmother – please give him my best.

  2. Okay – that comment above was supposed to be in reponse to your more recent post—I just mis-clicked. Awww – I’m sad you decided to not come to Atlanta. If you and Fishering ever make it out here – please give me a heads up. I would love to see you guys again.

  3. I LOVE Pete Yorn!!!!

  4. At first I was really jealous when I read this post and skipped right past it. Free tickets? To Crowded House? How come that kind of stuff doesn’t happen to me? And then I realized that, as I am working at Bumbershoot all weekend–shooting for one of our clients–I, too, actually had free tickets to see Crowded House. Caught them yesterday–they were on the same bill as The Shins. Fantastic. I think I might be in love with Neil Finn all over again.

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