Posted by: dutchimport | August 30, 2007

Random stuff

Before I forget: if you haven’t watched “The Life of Others” yet, please rent this Oscar winning movie (Best Foreign Film 2006) asap! It’s such a nail biting, gripping story, very well told, acted, and directed. Sadly, the main character passed away a couple of weeks ago after struggling with cancer. This movie is a gem, and an instant classic in my eyes.

What else? This week started with lots of drama with some friends, and Fishering is not looking forward to September because of his Grandma entering the final stage of her long and beautiful life. This week she has been put under Hospice care and he will probably travel to Arkansas soon to be with his family.

On the celebrity side: a surprise Owen Wilson suicide attempt. Very sad and I hope he gets the privacy he asked for and deserves during these difficult times. I hope he has a great support system around him to help him through this. The “press” goes nuts with showing pictures of Kate Hudson kissing some strange dude on the day of his suicide attempt. Please, come on, leave them alone!

LA is experiencing some strange weather. High temperatures, some drizzling last Saturday and Sunday, and then afterwards extremely hot and humid (for LA standards). We’re continuing with a heat wave, probably till next Tuesday. Last night around 04:30 am, the Santa Ana winds paid us a visit, and started blowing really hard, slamming our windows against the frame, waking us up (and Sierra, she gets scared by windows slamming). We closed them all, except for one, because it was so hot. For today they are expecting some clouds, and scattered drops and even thunder in some areas, all with temperatures of around a 100 (even 80s at the beaches!). This Saturday we are going to hang out by the pool, and Sunday we are going to fight the Labor Day crowd and go to the beach!

That’s all I have to say for now. I can’t wait for the 3 day weekend and then a 3 day work week and another 3 day weekend.



  1. 3 day weekend… 3 day work week… 3 day weekend…

    tough life! ;¬)

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