Posted by: dutchimport | August 31, 2007


So, I’ve started watching Dexter this week. I saw the pilot almost 1 1/2 ago, and kind of forgot about it. Now, season 2 is on air, and since we now have Showtime (see a previous post), I might as well watch Dexter. We now rented the first two discs of Season 1. Fishering can’t stand the gore and is not into it. I really wanna like it, and I love the concept and the main character, his girlfriend and the stories, but I have major issues with all the other characters, especially their acting. Maybe they still have to grow into their characters, and hopefully they get better, cause it could ruin it for me. I’ve only seen 3 episodes so far.

On this 10th year Anniverssary of Princess Diane’s death, the day that Sen. Larry Craig might resign, the day Tony Snow DID resign cause $168,000 a year is not enough for him, I will go home soon, hopefully go hiking, and watch “Blades of Glory” tonight. It better be funny cause if not, I’ll:
1- have to drink a lot
2- make Fishering watch more Dexter episodes.

Some please tell me Dexter gets better further into season one!



  1. It does. I love Dexter. I really do. I thought it was a fabulous show. (I was bad and downloaded it illegally throughout season 1 but I made up for it by buying the S1 DVDs last week.)

    I know what you mean about the acting styles. It’s a concientious choice they’ve made and it really does work but tt did take me a little while to get used to. Also the V.O. Traditionally, I’m not a fan, but eventually I got so that I enjoyed it.

    I think Michael C. Hall is absolutely fantastic and once the stories really start rolling–Dexter w/ Rita, The Ice Truck Killer, Dexter and his sister, Dexter’s father and the “Code of Harry”….I think you will enjoy it if you stick with it. The final episode of the season is just outstanding.

  2. Oh, and since you guys have Showtime, can I assume that you’re also watching “Californication?” I have been keeping up with that one as well (shhhhh) and so far I really, really like it. It’s naughty as all get out, but well written, well acted and surprisingly funny. Even if its a guilty laugh.

  3. I agree w/kat, Dexter does indeed improve as the season goes on. The last 3 episodes being the best. (the sister, while annoying at first, eventually grows on you). Just watched a few episodes of Californication tonight and loved it! Also, check out Mad Men on AMC, it’s my new favorite show.

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